Compact system designed for medium production mills with an approximate output of 7/8000 kg/h. This compact solution has the possibility of incorporating the weighing system into the machine itself, offering a cleaning, washing and weighing system with a minimum noise level that makes it perfect for installation in enclosed spaces.

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Production: 7/8,000 kg/h WEIGHT: 1,650 kg Power: 8.25 C.V.

  • Vibration tray.
  • Optional washing system via a pneumatically operated bypass
  • Roller for branch separation
  • Water tank with a capacity of 3,500 lts, designed for outlet of water and sludge via screw conveyor.
  • Leaf separation by air turbines
  • Water supply by submersible pump
  • Minimal noise level
  • Vibrating tray for fruit run-off.
  • Leaf picker with hopper
  • Removal of stone by conveyor
  • Access stairs and walkways that use tramex
  • Separation of fruit and stone via density difference
  • Removal of stone by conveyor
  • SAFI design nylon screw destemmer

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