A compact cleaning and washing system which, due to its dimensions is designed for mills of small productions.
It uses the latest technology and its high performance is used to expel waste residue to a distance of several meters, making it the perfect machine for enclosed spaces where strict cleanliness is required.

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Production: 2/4,000 kg/h WEIGHT: 1,350 kg Power: 8.20 C.V.

  • Reception of olives on a roller screen to remove soil and loose leaves
  • Leaf separation using a double air turbine system.
    The first one blows and the second one sucks. This allows the leaves to be transported to the required place via a P.V.C. pipe
  • Water tank with a capacity of 3,000 lts, designed with an angled bottom and
    separate compartment for timed partial discharges.
  • Opening and closing of the water tank hatch using a pneumatic butterfly valve
  • Minimal noise level
  • Vibrating tray with calibrated rod and springs for fruit run-off.
  • Access stairs and walkways that use tramex
  • Separation of fruit and stone via density difference
  • Removal of stone by conveyor
  • Water supply via submersible pump.
  • Automatic water filling via a level buoy.


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