BPC 20

Continuous weighing scale designed for oil mills with a production capacity of 20,000 kg/h. Opening of outlets using pneumatic actuators and two load cells. All our scales are manufactured in accordance with “REAL DECRETO 244/2016, DE 3 DE JUNIO, POR EL QUE SE DESARROLLO LA LEY 32/2014, DE 22 DE DICIEMBRE, DE METROLOGIA (ROYAL DECREE 244/2016 OF 3 JUNE, IMPLEMENTING LAW 32/2014 OF 22 DECEMBER ON METROLOGY)”. Our scales are EU certified. In addition, Safi has a Module D Certificate that certifies and accredits the commissioning of all our weighing instruments within the framework of legal metrology.

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Production: 20/25,000 kg/h

  • Monoblock chassis
  • Reception hopper
  • Weighing hopper
  • Weighing equipment with legal metrology
  • Control panel for opening and closing outlets
  • Weight repeater
  • Ticket printing with customised configuration
  • Traceability program (client, quality, variety, term, site, farm, registration, destination hopper and washed / unwashed olives.
  • Possibility of networking with external programs (performance analysers)
  • Optional:
    Stainless steel in the parts that come into contact with the fruit.
    Made entirely of stainless steel


BPC-20 - EN



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